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Sponsor a Child

Your monthly support of $50 enables us to educate a child from the slums in Zambia through a thriving Christ-Centered School and Christian community.

When you become a sponsor, you are personally connected with a child who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care about them.

Children in Need of Sponsorship

Our of the 300 children in need of sponsorship, we've hand selected the top 20 children who are the most in need of a sponsorship (see below).

The children are sorted oldest to youngest because the older children are in the most need of sponsorship to complete high-school & college.

Total Children Sponsored for School: 50 / 300

How is My Sponsorship Money Used?

In America, everyone has the opportunity to go to school.  In Zambia, children may only receive an education if the parents can pay the school fees, purchase uniforms and purchase the school supplies. This is impossible for people who are poor.  For the Grandma who is the caretaker of her 6 grandchildren and has very little income.  For the Aunty who takes in her niece after her mother died of AIDs and is trying to make ends meet with her now 4 children.   In the poor communities in Zambia, it’s virtually impossible for a child to go to school.

This sponsorship opportunity is unique in that you are literally “helping the least of these” in Jesus’ name and sending a child to school who has no means to attend – it’s life changing for them!

Better yet, your tax-deductible monthly support enables an orphan living in some of the worst conditions inside the village of Twashuka, Zambia to receive a Christian education at the school and be apart of the loving community of Reaching the Heart of Zambia.

Your support will allow a child to:

  • Join a loving Christian community right in their village

  • Receive nutritious food

  • Receive health and hygiene training

  • Receive daily education based on the Bible

  • Learn life skills that will help them start a business or get a job in the future

  • Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children

  • Most importantly, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

When you sponsor a child, you will join a growing community of people who are making a difference in the village of Twashuka for the Glory of God!  We are investing in the hearts of the children so that they will grow up learning a Biblical worldview and how they can glorify God in whatever they do!

We will also do our best to connect you personally with your child and give you updates on how they are doing.  If you’re up for it, you might even have a chance to meet your child some day!

Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well. 

Thank you,

Anna Profile Photo_edited.png

Anna Galicinski

Sponsorship Program Director

Sponsorship Goal: 16% Reached

Help us reach our goal of getting all 300 children sponsored!

Children in Need to Sponsorship Right Now!

Although there are a 220 children in need of sponsorship, we've hand selected the top 5 children that are in most need of being sponsored.  Once, these children are sponsored, we will add more.

Swilangi Tembo has been waiting to be sponsored for over 370 days... and is overjoyed to finally get sponsored!

Swilangi, a sweet little ten-year-old girl who lives with a single mother. Since her father died a few years ago, her mother has supported her family by selling vegetables in the market. But it’s a very competitive job, making it difficult to earn enough money for food and education each day. 

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Want to Sponsor Another Child?  Have Questions?

Our of the 300 children in need of sponsorship, we've hand selected the top 20 children who are the most in need of a sponsorship (see above).

If you would like to sponsor more children or are interested in learning more about the others, please contact us.


Make your legacy count...

Become a Life Partner

A Life Partner is a person who has committed to supporting the work in Zambia on a monthly basis. Life Partners are invited to participate in a special Slack group that gives you special access to real-time updates, prayer requests, photos and videos!

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Reaching the Heart of Zambia is blessed to have a great team in both Zambia and in the United States.

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Want to get your hand dirty with us? You belong here!

Pray. Give. Partner. Visit.

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