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3 Days Left!!

Over the last few days, we've been sending out thank you cards to our supporters and wow... your generosity has really blown us away! So many of you have stepped out of your comfort zones to give and we are so blessed by the amazing response.

So far, we've raised 40% of our goal- which totals out to be $16,280. Not quite 40k, but we still have a few more days left in the fundraiser. And a lot can happen in just a few days, so we are praying that the Lord moves in your heart to help us reach our goal and get this new truck.

As a gift, we wanted to personally send this sweet mug (load images to see!) to anyone who donates $120 or more. This is just another way that we can say thank you for your generosity. Besides, it really is a great mug! So give now, before we run out!!

We also wanted to share a quick livestream we did a few days ago. We talked a bit about how we will be purchasing this truck, how will the money will be used, as well as a few other common questions we've seen circulating. So if you have had a question regarding this fundraiser, be sure to watch the livestream!


Jason & Jennifer

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Sponsor a Child

Our Sponsorship Program gives children a safe learning environment, where they learn academics and more about the Gospel, as well as receiving a daily meal, and necessities, such as shoes, soap and a school uniform.

Children Waiting to be Sponsored Right Now...


Mercy Zyambo is 5 years old and lives with both her parents who are unable to support her due to lack of work. Her dream is to be a teacher.


Blessings Banda is 7 years old and lives with her brother and single mother.  When she grows up, she wants to become a doctor.


David Chisanga is 7 years old and lives with both his parents who are refugees and unable to support him. His dream is to become a doctor.


Nancy Kunda is 12 years old lives with her mother and two siblings. She loves studying science and wants to be a nurse when she grows up.


Comfort Chikopela is 6 years old and lives with his grandmother. His dream is to become a teacher when he grows up.

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