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We're Heading Back to Zambia!

Well, it's officially official. We bought our plane tickets a few weeks ago. Everything is confirmed. From March 16 - 26, Jennifer and I will be flying oversees to spend 10 days with our Zambian family. We are so very excited!!

Since Anna, Micah and I went almost a year and a half ago, so much has happened! It's unbelievable. But we have been given a great responsibility to care for this ministry, and at this moment in time, we are it. They have no church support and little resources. We're trying to change that!! But for now, until God builds of a network of churches or individuals, we are all the support they have. We have an opportunity to be the church in the most remote parts of the world! And we're ready.

So, forgive me for emailing yet again about Zambia!! But the fields are ripe for harvest over there and people are hungry for the gospel! How can I not be so excited about it?

This video shares a summary of what we will be doing in Zambia

and how you can help!

Two Ways you can help!

#1) You can give towards the projector system and the audio Bibles that will literally be bringing the gospel in their native language to the remote parts of Zambia.

#2) You can give towards the needs of the teachers and school. They need rain coats, a printer/copier, dry erase boards, charts, books and all sorts of little things like that. We put together an Amazon Registry that lists specific needs. Feel free to purchase anything on that list and it will be shipped right to us.

If you would rather receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, please give through FundEasy and we will purchase the supplies on your behalf.

There is strength in numbers. If everyone gave just a little, it would go a long way to reaching our goal.

Thank you so much!


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