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Soccer for Change: Rising Above Expectations

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Soccer for Change began with the desire to reach young men for the kingdom in a way that engages their interests and talents, but also spiritually mentors them. Over the last few years, we’ve seen many of the young men in the team come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is so exciting for us because it’s what truly matters. A status in a league is exciting, but not eternal, and so seeing these young men embrace Jesus has been amazing! We want not only to grow them into the best soccer players they can be, but lead them in faith and it’s so exciting to see the fruits this program is bearing!

In September...

...the team competed in the playoffs in Ndola. There, they managed to win a trophy and were able to qualify to join the provincial district league called CAFA Copperbelt Football. This is enabling them to play with a higher league of players and grow their skills tremendously. As of right now, they are in the fifth position in the entire Copperbelt province. This is a huge encouragement for them since Twashuka has been looked down on in the past. It’s proving to them that it doesn’t matter where they’re from or the reputation of their community if they are the best that they can be. And through this determination to be that, our team is rising to the top.

And this is where they get their name, the White Eagles.

White, to symbolize purity, holiness and righteousness which is what Charles, their coach, is trying to promote amongst them. Not only do we want them to be the best that they can be in their talents, but to also live as pure young men. That’s why Charles is so devoted to their success, both spiritually and in tournaments. And then Eagles because of their determination. Eagles always want to go higher- they want to soar. As Charles said: “We are living by the values of this bird. And our goal is to go higher and higher and higher and this is what we’re doing. We are unstoppable and not even the sky's the limit. We want to go as far as we can go."

A few prayer requests

  • Please keep the soccer ministry in your prayers. Pray that the young men's hearts stay soft to things of God and that Charles can wisely disciple them. Also, please pray for their safety as they're traveling around the Copperbelt Province for different games.

  • Please pray for things at the farm. They really need to make money from the crops they're growing, but some of the potatoes have become diseased. Pray that they are able to work everything out so that they are able to sell as many potatoes as they can after they've been harvested.

  • Please pray for a new truck for Aaron. I briefly mentioned a few months ago about the problems they're facing with the truck and it's only gotten worse. Please pray that the Lord provides the means by which we can purchase a new truck!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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