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Greetings from Zambia!

We arrived here in Zambia Sunday afternoon. We were greeted warmly by Aaron and Leah and Caleb, the youngest children.

We have had the opportunity to visit the school every day so far. It is filled with students. They have 6 classes with between 10 and 20 children in each class and 4 little preschoolers. They only have 3 teachers at this point, so they try to juggle teaching one class while another works on an assignment, but there is a lot of waiting for the students. I find the children to be very obedient and patient, just waiting until it is their opportunity to learn. Teaching would be a great opportunity for an American to intern for a summer or a season. Any takers? ;)

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to be one of the teachers. Jennipher (Aaron’s wife and ministry partner) and I were asked to teach as soon as we got there. I taught the grade 3 students Physical Education and English, following the Zambian curriculum. They start to learn English in that grade. It was neat seeing them try to pronounce some of the sounds in English. The children were so sweet and eager to be there.

A side note about the businesses. We’ve gotten to go on some adventures selling chickens to various markets and individuals- dressed (butchered)- and live! They are actively trying to earn money through this chicken selling venture. It is hard work but the children in the home (orphanage) are great workers and helpers to this business. We will also visit the peanut butter business on Thursday.

It is such a blessing to be in Aaron and Jennipher’s home, which is the orphanage. You cannot tell which child is a foster child or adopted or biological. There is much love and harmony in this place. They are clearly on mission for Jesus together. What a blessing to see what love and family can do in dire circumstances for the vulnerable children.

The older children are at the stage where they are considering their life’s work; which Aaron wisely guides them into based on their strengths and skills. James is studying to be a counselor with people with HIV/AIDS. Daniel is hoping to study engineering but now is helping at the home with the chicken business and ministry. And soft spoken, sweet servant Shamirah hopes to be a nurse so that she can care for people, after she graduates in December.

You can see the impact God has on lives when children are loved and shown that He has a purpose for them. Our prayer is that someday there would be more orphan homes, where orphans from the village are placed into families that can raise them up as their own and for God to raise up more teachers that can help with teaching in school.

That’s all for now, we will write again tomorrow, Lord willing. Love, Jennifer & Jason

PS – We are still short $1,000 of our goal for this trip! Please share what God is doing hear through this ministry and help us reach our goal. Thank you.

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