Meet Swilangi Tembo

Meet Swilangi, a sweet little ten-year-old girl who lives with a single mother. Since her father died a few years ago, her mother has supported her family by selling vegetables in the market. But it’s a very competitive job, making it difficult to earn enough money for food and education each day. They need your help!

Give an eternal gift that keeps on giving!

Sponsor a Child for School for $38/month!

Start Sponsoring a Child Today!

In America, everyone has the opportunity to go to school.  In Zambia, children may only receive an education if the parents can pay the school fees, purchase uniforms and purchase the school supplies. This is impossible for people who are poor.  For the Grandma who is the caretaker of her 6 grandchildren and has very little income.  For the Aunty who takes in her niece after her mother died of AIDs and is trying to make ends meet with her now 4 children.   In the poor communities in Zambia, it’s virtually impossible for a child to go to school.

This sponsorship opportunity is unique in that you are literally “helping the least of these” in Jesus’ name and sending a child to school who has no means to attend – it’s life changing for them!

Better yet, your tax-deductible gift of just $38 a month enables an orphan living in some of the worst conditions inside the village of Twashuka, Zambia to receive a Christian education at the school and be apart of the loving community of Reaching the Heart of Zambia.

Your support will allow a child to:

  • Join a loving Christian community right in their village
  • Receive nutritious food
  • Receive health and hygiene training
  • Receive daily education based on the Bible
  • Learn life skills that will help them start a business or get a job in the future
  • Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
  • Most importantly, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

When you sponsor a child, you will join a growing community of people are making a difference in the village of Twashuka for the Glory of God!  We are investing in the hearts of the children so that they will grow up learning a Biblical worldview and how they can glorify God in whatever they do!

We will also do our best to connect you personally with your child and give you updates on how they are doing.  If you’re up for it, you might even have a chance to meet your child some day!

Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well. 

  • Total Number of Children Sponsored at the School (30 of 250)

Children in Need of Sponsorship Today:

Below are ten children that are in desperate need of sponsorship. Will you help?

Charles Chisenga Mwape is 7 years old and lives with his alcholic mother. When he grows up, Charles wants to be a doctor.

Mercy Zyambo is 5 years old and lives with both her parents who are unable to support her due to lack of work. Her dream is to be a teacher.

Comfort Chikopela is 6 years old and lives with his grandmother because his mother is a prostitute and unable to care for him. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

David Chisanga is 7 years old and lives with both his parents who are refugees and unable to support him. His dream is to become a doctor.

Charity Lupenga is almost 5 years old and she lives with her grandmother in Twashuka, as her single mother is unable to support her.

Regina Kawina is 4 years old and lives with her old grandparents who are having a difficult time supporting her.

Nancy Kunda is 12 years old lives with her mother and two siblings in the village of Twashuka. She loves studying science in school and wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Blessings Banda is 7 years old and lives with her brother and single mother who is a maid.  When she grows up, Blessings wants to become a doctor.

Nancy Kambobe is 8 years old and lives with her single mother and two siblings. She is very quick in school and loves math. Her dream is to be a nurse when she grows up.

Mercy Mayemba is 4 years old and lives with her single mother who has difficulty supporting her. When she grows up, Mercy wants to be a teacher.

Common Questions:

Q: How much of my money goes directly to Zambia to help my child?

A: Each month, 95% goes directly to the school in Zambia to help your sponsor child!  The remaining 5% is set aside to help us cover administrative ministry expenses.

Q: Will I be able to write to my sponsor child?

A: Yes!  You can email the workers directly in Zambia and they can help you connect with your child.

Q: Does my sponsor child speak English?

A: The native langage in this village is Bemba (Zambia’s national langage), however all the children learn English in school.  In addition, all the teachers and leadership team speak English very well.

Q: What is a double orphan vs a single orphan?

A: A double orphan is a term used that means that both parents of the child have died.  A single orphan means that one parent has died.

Q: I thought there were 250 children who attend the school.  Will you be putting them all up to be sponsored?

A: Yes, in time.  We have posted the children who are in the most need.  As they get sponsored, we will be posting new children.

Q: I still have more questions.  Can I contact someone?

A: Yes!  Please email and we will get back to you.

“And the king will answer them, ‘I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the
least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me.'”
– Matthew 25:40