The Field is White for Harvest

We go into some of the darkest remote places in Luanshya, Zambia and shine the light for Christ. We encourage spiritual growth through home discipleship groups right in their communities. 

Over 80 Christ-centered Bible study groups have been established as a result of the Spirit of God during our evangelistic events. These groups meet all over in different pockets of Luanshya. We give out Bibles, teach people how to ready and study the Bible themselves and encourage groups to grow naturally as the Spirit leads. We actively pray for and seek out new leaders in the community groups and raise them up to form new groups. Over 800 have come to faith in Christ and over 300 have been baptized!

Our Bible Study Groups

Over 80 Bible Study Groups Have Started!
God is surely at work!

Soccer For Change Program

Two years ago we started the Soccer For Change program as a ministry sports activity in order to help build relationships with the young people in the compound and to help them discover their God’s given gifts and talents.

Many of these are very vulnerable and involved in beer drinking, smoking, stealing and prostitution. Yet many are so gifted protental life skills.  They just need the love of Christ, mentorship and discipleship — this program seeks to do just that.

Before we start playing we have a Bible study and pray together.  We have already made a huge impact in the village just by teaching Bible principles and what life in Christ looks like.  

We are always in need of sports resources such as balls, volley balls, boots, jessys and many other sports equipments. This program is a key to prepare the next generation for the gospel as well as transforming the communities for the better.

10 Days for Jesus

A Christmas Celebration with the most vulnerable

Each year in December, we gather up as many orphaned and vulnerable children as we can find and feed them for 10 days in a row.  During these gatherings, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ, watch some movies together about the birth of Christ and teach them how they can reachout to people and serve them. In that way they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by learning how to give.

We usually invite all children from many of the poorest areas of Luanshya.