Aaron Mulenga

Founder, Native Missionary

Aaron understands the children he loves and serves well because as a 13 years old, his own parents died and he became an orphan. His relatives could not care for him, so he was passed from one home to another. Eventually, a cousin took him in and helped him finish high school, though he mistreated him. Soon after graduation, his cousin died and Aaron was left homeless…

Our Ministry Team

Charles Mwila

Charles serves as the school principal. He has a passion for teaching children and he loves Jesus.  When he’s not running the school, he can be found on the worship team at his church or serving his community.

Fridah Munkubanda

Fridah was born in 1991 and is the youngest of eight children. Her mother died when she was young and she grew up with her father, who helped her gradute highschool. She works as a volunteer teacher who joined our ministry in 2015. 

Stephenie Mwewa

Stephenie joined our ministry in 2014 after she went through our discipleship course and she has been serving as a volunteer teacher at our community school. She is married with two daughters and she lives in the same community we are serving. She is a beautiful singer and a passionate teacher who loves the children she works with.

Gideon Phiri

Gideon was born in 1984 as the first born of a family of five. Gideon is so passionate about the children. He loves Bible studies and he is also working as one of the volunteer teachers in our school. He works especially with the boys at the soccer ministry.

Florence Mwewa

Florence was born in 1986, in a family of nine, and is from the community our ministry base is located. She joined our ministry as a teacher in 2015 after going through our discipleship course. She is married with 2 children. She loves teaching children, especially the young girls who are going through the Cherish ministry.

Mumba Mwape

Mumba was born in 1988 and is the fourth in a family of five. Mumba loves the children at the school so much and loves teaching them. She is a gifted teacher and passionate at what she does.

Kevin Chanda

Kevin grew up with his sister’s mother after loosing his parents at a young age.  He joined us 2 years ago and is still living with his aunt. He comes to volunteer at our base in the village if we have any project.

Our Ministry Partners

The FundEasy Foundation exists to support the church, missionaries & pastors oversees by advancing the work of the Great Commission in making disciples of Jesus Christ. We actively seek out opportunities in the world where the seed of the gospel has been planted in the hearts of people and we desire to provide any resources we can to support existing work that the Lord has started.