Our Mission

Reaching the Heart of Zambia wants to make a difference in the lives of the children orphaned by AIDS, as well as the children who have a parent suffering with HIV at home.  We are serving one soul at a time, loving these children with the love of Jesus Christ by meeting their physical and spiritual needs.  We want to teach them about salvation in Christ and disciple them to go and disciple others, creating a change in the culture of Zambia.

In the compound in Luanshya where Aaron Mulenga, a native Zambian, was called to minister 10 years ago, over 90% of the children have lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS. These sweet children are often in the care of a grandparent who can barely afford to feed themselves, let alone an additional mouth to feed.  The elderly and children make up most of that community, the most vulnerable of a society.  There is much suffering and sin- undernourishment, unemployment, drinking, robbery, prostitution, even murder.

But this can change. Through the POWER of the Gospel in action.  That is why Aaron Mulenga and his team have stepped in to help. . . with education, orphan homes, and food & Bible studies.

“If we can save the young generation to be lifted to the things of God, the community has changed. The community will never be the same.”

— Aaron Mulenga, Founder