Our Friends in the USA

Jason and Jennifer Galicinski first learned about Aaron and his ministry in 2014 after attending a Homeschool conference in IL.

They ran into Sarah Bultman from the Brinkman Adventures, who is actively involved in serving in Zambia through a ministry called Love’s Door.  After reading the book Kisses from Katie, The Galicinski family became burdened for the children in Africa and really wanted to get involved on the ground-level — not through a large organization; but one-on-one, person-to-person with real relationships with people, not ideas.

They first contacted Love’s Door and asked them if they could sponsor some children in their ministry — all in the same region.  Love’s Door pointed them to the House of Noah, a new orphan home that had a great need of sponsorships.  So they decided to sponsor the children in the orphan home with the hopes of building relationships and one day, maybe visiting (although this was wishful thinking at the time).

In 2016, the Lord opened the door for Jason,  Anna (age 13) and Micah (age 12) to travel to Zambia to meet Aaron and his children. During this trip we were able to get first hand experience of Zambia, the orphan home and the school.  They fell in love with Zambia and the people.  During their trip, the Lord provided beyond what was expected and they were able to help take Aaron’s ministry to the next level.

Today, Aaron and his team have their own NGO in Zambia called, A Fountain of Love and Hope for All Nations.  The Galicinski family, created this website as a means of sharing how the Spirit of God is at work in North Zambia so that many people can be invited into the amazing work God is doing through these humble Godly servants.

Reaching the Heart of Zambia is run by the Galicinski Family and has partnered with The FundEasy Foundation to help us with fundraising.

Be inspired in what God is doing in Zambia and pray about how you can be involved too!

The Galicinski Family live in TN with their 9 children

Anna and Micah with the children from the House of Noah orphan home in Zambia