Today is going to be a busy day for us.  We have gotten done a lot of progress on the benches and desks; 19 benches and 3 desks as well as cutting numerous pieces of wood to size.  We are trying to finish up the remaining 11 benches this morning and then in the afternoon we will be preparing to show the Jesus Film in the village tonight.  However, there’s a problem. We can’t find a projector.  The person who was going to let us use theirs told us yesterday that their projector was broken.  

Please pray that the Lord will provide us a projector and sound system to use for tonight and pray for open hearts, that many will come to understanding of the gospel and desire the Kingdom of God in a fresh way.

And thank you all for the donations recently. We have now surpassed our goal of $7,771!  

Thank you!
Jason, Anna & Micah

Proverbs 65:5 “You answer our prayers by performing awesome acts of deliverance, O God, our savior. All the ends of the earth trust in you, as well as those living across the wide seas.”

PS – Below are some photos from the past few days. Enjoy!