Aaron began the House of Noah with a vision to raise up the next generation to know and fear the Lord.  His calling is to parent and disciple children in a home setting, not in a large scale orphanage. 

One day, Aaron was walking in Luanshya one day when he walked by an abandoned orphan home. The man who ran it had died a few months before and his wife was unable to run it. Aaron heard God tell him: “You will live here. I will send people from different nations to come here and work with you. And you shall carry the orphans on your shoulders and take care of them.”

In 2008 Aaron registered the first orphan home with the maximum number of 8 children.

Most of these children became orphans when their parents died from AIDS, then were left in the care of an elderly relative who was unable to support them. As a result they ran away from home and become street kids to survive, until The House of Noah offered them a place to live and thrive. 

House of Noah, 2016

Aaron’s wife, Jennifer

At the House of Noah, the children receive food, clothing and shelter as well as the love of Jesus through Christian parents who train them up in the ways of the Lord.  As the children become older, they are trained in various skills.

The first 8 children have “graduated” from the orphanage, and have gone on to start their own small businesses in carpentry or have found jobs in the community.

Aaron and his wife Jennifer have started raising the second set of 8 children.

Since international adoption is not allowed in Zambia, the only hope for these children is for someone in Zambia to adopt them — and this is exactly what Aaron and his wife Jennifer have done — raising 16 orphan children and helped hundreds of others in nearby neighborhoods. Despite some challenges faced, they have seen growth every year because it is built on a Godly foundation. The hand of the Lord is upon it.

Aaron has a dream.  His dream is bigger than himself.  He has a dream that many people from many nations will come to start many orphan homes.   That hundreds or thousands of children will be pulled off the streets and taught the Word of God from a loving family and that these children will be raised up to be the next leaders that will take a stand against the corruption in Africa and bring true lasting change.  

Bright’s Story

Bright Sakala

Bright Sakala

Carpenter, Zambia

Bright was one of the first orphans to graduate from the House of Noah and start a carpentry business. He now is a light in his community and leads others to Christ through his business.

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