It doesn’t matter where you gather and worship. God is every where. This is another village (called Kapupulu) where we have reached with the gospel of the Lord Jesus 3 years ago.  Back then, we started 3 Discovery Bible Study groups.  This week, I went to visit them and to preach and to my amazement, I found the 3 had turned into hundreds!  The Lord is actively growing and multiplying believers and the Holy Spirit is bringing a great revival in the village of Kapupulu!

We are finding that the people are hungry to worship the Lord.  Hundreds have received Jesus Christ as there personal savior!  I had the privilege to preach and share Jesus to this great movement of the gospel.

Glory be to Jesus.

Please pray with us for Bibles.  We need hundreds of Bibles and have no way to get them — but nothing is impossible with God!