What a joy to see 8 people getting baptised today and immediately some went home wearing nice clothes as a symbol of being a new Creation in Christ.

Aaron says, “I spoke to one of them after his baptism together with his wife. I said that he is very happy because something has changed in his life since he gave his life to the Lord at our evangelism crusade. He used to drink a lot and smoking but that night he gave his life to the Lord he has suddenly lost interest in driving beer and smoking the cigaret.”

“He has been learning to love his wife deeper than before. So the two of them has been spending more time together and reading the bible together. These things have never been happening before.

He promised to bring all his children to be baptised this month on the 22nd when we are going to have another baptism.”

We praise God for this amazing work in people’s hearts.  Please continue to pray for this family as the Lord starts to grow them.