This morning is bittersweet.  We are all packed up and heading off to the airport, yet all of us feel as if we are leaving family members behind.  Last night, Aaron’s family made us a wonderful good-bye meal and then afterwards we prayed and shared communion together. It was a beautiful time of fellowship and encouragement.

Aaron and Charles started their ministry for the village purely out of a desire to help the poorest of the poor, but for years they were on their own.  They have been praying for 3 years for God to raise up people to support them and be on their side and we’ve been looking for an opportunity to serve oversees for years too.  Sure, there are plenty of big organizations to serve in, but we really wanted to find a small ministry that didn’t have international support so we could work directly with the people and get involved directly on the ground.  It took us about 3 years to find this ministry, about the same time they started praying.  So cool how God works.

We are so thankful for all of you!  Thank you so much for giving so generously.  I don’t know what we would have done without your support.  We would have wanted to help, but we spent all our money on plane tickets!  So it was an amazing experience to really make a difference here.

This is what you made possible:

Remote Village School

  • purchased school supplies and textbooks for every student in the school
  • purchased wall dividers to create 3 class rooms
  • purchase doors and locks for the school
  • built 30 desks and benches
  • painted the walls
  • show the Jesus Film
  • took photos of all the children and gave them all a printed copy

Orphanage Home – House of Noah

  • repaired leaking roof
  • repaired damaged ceiling from leaking roof
  • repaired windows and doors
  • painted walls
  • replace broken water pipes – they now have water at the house!
  • purchased a new stove and fridge
  • purchased new backpacks, shoes, water bottles, paper, pens and pencils for all the children living at the orphanage.
  • purchased used Macbook laptops for Aaron and Charles
  • purchased 30 Bibles

WOW – Thank you so much guys! 

Additionally, with all the newer donations that came in last week, we were trying to purchase a used truck, but we are $2,000 short.  Their current car is done for.  The engine is mis-firing, the shocks are gone, the breaks are gone and there is no room for everyone to get to the village all at once, so they make 2 or 3 trips (30 mins each way).  You can imagine how long it takes for them all to get to the village.  So we were looking at a Toyota truck that would fit 6 people inside and it’s a pickup truck to carry supplies or people.  They are about K90,000 and we have 70,000 set aside from the gifts last week.    If anyone would love to give a gift that would enable this to happen, please give online.  Otherwise, we will just continue to wait and pray for God’s provision.

Last night as we were reflecting and praying together, everyone was so thankful for all the support and help, they keep saying, “You have no idea what you’ve done.”  And we are not finished.   Out of the 180 children to attend the free school Charles runs in the village there are only 10 of them sponsored.  When you sponsor a child, you are paying for their school supplies, clothes and food.  If any one is interested in sponsoring a child in the village, let me know and I can get you in touch with Charles.  Sponsoring a child costs $30 per month.

Pray for us as we travel back to the US today.

Merry Christmas!
Jason, Anna and Micah